A's Cell Phone are the cell phones used by members of The A-Team. "A" currently uses an iPhone.

Motorola Droid

In "Through Many Dangers and Toils" the Liars discover A's Motorola Droid burner phone on the ground after Hanna ran over her. Caleb managed to get information off it before Mona shut it down.

Motorola Bravo

In "The Eye of Beholder'', Mona, who was "A'' then, gave Hanna a Motorola Bravo phone. Mona had installed StreamingCam on it to spy on Hanna and record her activity.

Burner Phone

Even though she used a Motorola Droid as her main phone A also had 3 other burner phones, which were found in Spencer's lakehouse.

iPhone 4S

In "A Dangerous Game" Spencer is seen texting someone with an iPhone 4S in a black/white Otterbox case. The phone number matched the number Alison gave Mona.

iPhone 5

In "The Silence of E. Lamb", A is seen with an iPhone 5 running iOS6, which has a black otterbox defender case.


Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

"A's" cell phone was first discovered by the Liars in this episode. The phone they had, however, was shut down by "A" to prevent them from learning about the team. Caleb was able to crack into the phone, and discovered some videos and pictures. Including an I.D. photo of Alison previously unknown alter ego, Vivian Darkbloom.

A DAngerous GAme

Spencer Hastings received a phone when she joined the "A-Team." The number on the phone matched the same number Alison (as Vivian) gave Mona in UnmAsked.



  • A must have gloves that can touch cell phone screens since "A" is seen typing with the trademark black leather gloves on.