Mona's Attacker/Kidnapper
Real Identity: CeCe Drake
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Mona Vanderwaal
Aria Montgomery
Spencer Hastings
Hanna Marin
Emily Fields


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First appearance:

Taking This One to the Grave

Portrayed By:

Vanessa Ray

Mona's Attacker is the anonymous character who attacked and kidnapped Mona Vanderwaal in "Taking This One to the Grave". She is believed by the Liars to be Alison DiLaurentis. This person then kept Mona as a personal Alison doll in his dollhouse.

In Welcome to the Dollhouse, it's revealed Mona is indeed alive, and was not killed but kidnapped by "A". "A" is revealed to be CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis.


Taking This One to the Grave

Mona Vanderwaal is up in her room reviewing the tapes she and Spencer had taken from Radley of Bethany Young. Her mom calls her outside to tell her she's leaving and when Mona starts back inside a blonde in a black hoodie steps into view but disappears as soon as Mona turns around. Mona goes back inside and calls Aria to tell her that she found proof that Alison is "A". As she tells Aria this, the blonde picks her lock and breaks inside. Mona is standing in front of the mirror when she hears the door begin to open. She believes its her mother but when she turns around she is shocked by who she sees. The Liars enter the house to find it bloodied and trashed but with Mona gone. Later, the blonde places a Mona statue on Emily's lawn and goes back to her car where Mona is stashed in the trunk.

Through a Glass, Darkly Edit

The girls learn Mona kept secret video camera in her house. The girls convince the police to search Mona's house one last time. The police find a video that captures a glimpse of Mona's murderer attacking her. It appears this person may be wearing a blond wig. Towards the end of the episode, Alison is arrested for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal.

Welcome to the Dollhouse Edit

After the girls are trapped in the "Dollhouse" by "A", they find a blonde girl wearing the yellow top Ali wore the night she went missing, along with the Ali mask. The girl takes off her mask, revealing herself to be Mona Vanderwaal. Mona was not killed, but kidnapped by "A". Towards the end of the episode, its revealed there is a third DiLaurentis child named Charles who is indeed "A", and is the true "murderer" of Mona.



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